Final Year Project


Automatic Text Summarization with Visualization


Due to the rapid growth of available electronic information, it has become more difficult to cope with all the texts and filter out the most important details. This problem has made text summarization as an essential research area for decades.

Although the root of the problem is the difficulty of going through a large text, not only extracting information, but also the way of presenting is very essential. It should be presented in a way that anyone can easily understand and remember. That is why visualization is important. It is a comprehensible fact and even the scientists have proved that referring an image is easier than going through a large text. Therefore a solution that provides both text and visual output in an easily understandable way is necessary to cope with the problem of information-overflow.

The proposed system is capable of inputting text from multiple sources such as copy and paste text, input PDF document etc. After that it will extract the text and summarize the text using predefined methods such as checking word frequency, topic identification etc. As the final stage it will display map/ diagrams accordingly. Additionally system will facilitate the user to edit and save/ print the output.


In this example, application will input the text from following URL and show the output as given image.

Input URL:

Output: (please click on the image to zoom)


Video Demonstration

5 thoughts on “Final Year Project

  1. Sir,
    I am a final year IT student.Our team is also interested in doing a project in Extractive summarizer. By far its your video that we found in the web ,which can help us to get through our project.Can we contact via e-mail so that we can seek your guidance ? .

    With regards,

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