1st Year

Website on Bonsai
Presentation on “How social networks invade our privacy”

Website on Bonsai

Module : Web Technology
Assignment Type : Group (Done individually)

As the coursework of Web Technology module we were advised to prepare a website under a selected subject. My idea was to create it on Bonsai.

Main page displays the author’s name of the site and after 4 seconds home page of the web site will appear. The web site consists of 6 main pages. They are Home, Bonsai, Products, Gallery, Contact us and Site map. Every page is linked to each other and you can navigate to several parts of the web site. Weekly poll, simple picture building game, quiz, shopping cart, commenting system, Google map and image gallery are some of the features of the site.

All the pages were written using html, JavaScript and PHP. Notepad was used as the text editor. Implementation was done using Apache web server with MySQL database. Microsoft gif animator was used to create the gif image of home page and Photoshop was used as image editor.

Presentation on “How social networks invade our privacy”

Module : Communication & Learning Skills
Assignment Type : Group (Done individually)

This presentation shows how the social networks act, how they invade our privacy and how can we prevent from its bad consequences.

presentation consists of:

  • Introduction of the topic
  • Research on the topic
  • Conclusion
  • A References’ page where the sources you consulted / referred to in your presentation are listed

presentation :  How social networks invade our privacy

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