About me ^_^


I’m Subhashi Jayasekara.. (Just call me Sush) from beautiful Sri Lanka and living in beautiful Australia right now. 🙂

You may have so many explanation for you, so many targets, so many hopes… But me… I was born in the form of a human being and just want to continue the life like a human being.

I believe in a peaceful world and we can make it more beautiful. Just have to do one thing; begin with yourself. If you can spread the kindness, happiness, love and positive thoughts you are a part of the team ‘humans’. So let’s stop complaining the world saying it’s a piece of sh* and start being a piece of cake to everyone we meet in our lives.

This is where I write whatever comes to mind (only the things that can be published.. lol 😉 ). Feel free to read them and never forget to add things if I’ve missed.

🙂 😀 Smile.. and enjoy every moment of your life 😀 🙂

3 thoughts on “About me ^_^

  1. Voila Sush…Je te sohaite l’amour ,bonne heure,bonne vie et bonne etudis, oui bien sur Bonne Marriage 😀 ……….

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