The 3 women who make a man a millionaire, if he’s already a billionaire.

I recently heard this saying “A woman can make a man a millionaire, if he’s already a billionaire.” And I personally believe that it is very true. The only difference is.. there are three types of women expecting three different things.



Woman 1: The one who asks for everything

This is the type that everybody talks about. Most of the guys believe that having a girl is the most expensive thing in the world as she needs to buy everything, doesn’t matter whether it is useful or useless. It is true for some girls. She is interested in expensive branded cloths, shoes, or basically everything. You cannot just walk on the beach having a conversation with her as she expects you to take her to a dinner at a 5 star hotel. You may do and buy everything.. but sooner or later the billionaire you will end up being a millionaire…

Woman 2: The one who asks for nothing

Well.. She is good. But when she is too good to ask for nothing, you will be addicted to her and end up buying everything. You want to make sure that she owns the best. I knew a guy like this who was too attached to his girl.. He always felt free to talk to me and the following questions were common. I kindly warned him, but he was so addicted and see what happened at the end.

“Sush, I’m going to ask her to be my girlfriend and I bought this for her, do you think she will like it?”
“Sush, I arranged all these things for her birthday, do you think these things are enough to surprise her?”
“Sush, I just wanted to buy this for no reason, what do you think?”

“Sush, Need a little help, I don’t have any money in my account now. Could you lend me some money to buy my girlfriend a gift?”

The girl has nothing to do with this situation. But if you keep spending everything you earn for her asking for nothing, sooner or later the billionaire you will end up being a millionaire…

Woman 3: The one who asks for something different ❤

This is the type only a few can see. Actually.. who needs a billion to live a simple life like a human being.. You don’t need a $5000 watch, when a $20 watch can show you time perfectly. Think of all the needy people with no food, no water, no cloth… all the kids who want to go to school but have no money to buy books… She sees this and she will encourage you to understand that you don’t need a billion, why not sharing with those who are in need.

Of course sooner or later the billionaire you will end up being a millionaire…

But this time, the billion dollar bank account will go down to million, while your heart becomes priceless earning trillions of smiles 🙂 🙂 🙂

So.. What do you think?

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