All About My Relationships

Once someone asked me “You are the only child of your family and how could you possibly come to Australia leaving your friends and family in Sri Lanka? :O ”
Suddenly my mind cheered “Yeah. True!!!! That’s me! That’s me!!”


Well.. it is not that hard to understand (the above image explains everything). Imagine yourself as a rocket and happiness as space. All the relationships around you are holding you tight. Yes, different types of people, different shapes of objects and different shades of relationships. If you get addicted and let them hold you, you won’t be able to see the beauty of the space.

Also there are a looot of advantages and a few disadvantages of this understanding. I have listed some of them here.


  • You don’t worry a loooooot about what happened and what will happen, you really wanna live in this moment! right in this moment.
  • People can say or do anything to you, still you are not gonna hate anyone.
  • No one can make you angry,  your patience has no limit. #peace
  • You can let go of things easily. (Let it go….. it can’t hold you back…. la la laa)
  • Stranger or a friend with 7 years of friendship.. No matter still you do your best if you can make them happy in any way.
  • You become a good listener and never judge people for who they are.
  • Politics, government, rules, police.. you know non of this matters as you know that you are the only controller of your life.
  • You will have a lot of friends and it’s easy to make more.
  • You can smile no matter what happens. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
  • You feel the independence and you don’t expect others to make you happy.


  • The people who are very close to you may get jealous when you treat strangers in the same nice way. Ha ha ha haa (You will get a lot “I thought I’m more important to you” kinda messages)
  • Poeple may judge you at certain situations. (but still you don’t care at all 🙂 )
  • When you be nice to the opposite sex they might misunderstand you (“Oh this girl/guy is so nice to me, may be he/she is interested in me”)
  • You might turn into a doormat in certain people’s minds (but still you don’t worry and continue being yourself)

As I always say no one knows what will happen next. So understand how each of us are connected to people and things. The more you addicted the more you become dependent and it won’t let you enjoy the moment right now.

It is your life and you shouldn’t wait for others to make you happy. Take a walk, talk you people, smile a lot, look at the sky, see how beautiful mother nature is and enjoy the life.


PS: I originally heard about this concept from the teachings of Lord Buddha. And then mother nature proved it. 🙂 Aren’t they amazing 🙂

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