First they said “How dare you Prince Siddhartha!”

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“The young prince Siddhartha has left the castle in the middle of the night!!”

Just go back to this moment( almost 2500 years ago). Imagine the situation and think it happened right now… and assume that you are a villager there, you hear the hearsay and comments from different people with different minds.

How can a man leave his newborn son and the lovely wife!
How can a king give up his kingdom and disappear at once!
Is he insane? He got everything he wanted right inside that castle.
What kind of a son he is, to leave his parents!!

At the same time in prince Siddhartha’s mind,

How can I live by myself in the wild!
What will happen to my family and kingdom after I leave
How exactly should I start
Will I fail????

He was an ordinary human being. But having an extraordinary mind, he disregarded his own doubts plus fears and the things people say; he just took this initial step of detaching.

I believe this greatest beginning lead him to find the ultimate freedom and thought to jot down the things we can learn from his first step.

Don’t let the rumors stop you

Like I explained in the beginning people must have said things when they caught the news of this young prince’s sudden disappearance. For sure he must have thought about it too, before leaving. But his great desire was stronger than that. He knew that this is not to hurt anyone, but to heal them. All he wanted was to discover the answers for the questions that everyone else failed to answer. Therefore do not be afraid of rumors as long as you know that you are just following your innocent but solid dreams.

Never take decisions based on one incidence or its outer look

If we just consider the incidence, it does look bad… leaving the family and kingdom even without saying good bye or giving proper reasons. But the reason behind this was greater than anything and only prince Siddhartha knew it. The only thing he wanted is to find a cure for the endless misery. In his mind he had this burning desire to heal the world. This can be applied to anything you hear or any news you see on TV right now. Do not blame people for certain things they do, because you do not have any idea on what’s in their mind.

No need to explain everything to everyone

What if prince Siddhartha thought to explain things to his wife, parents and the people, before he leaves?
Dear people,
You see.. we just go through the same cycle.. birth, life, death… You suffer from illnesses, loss of the people/ things you love, not having what you want.. But I think that there must be a way to end this and a path to the endless happiness. I just want to find it. So I will leave the castle today and just want to say good bye to you all.
Thank you!

Do you think anyone will allow him to do that? Noooo way!! Everyone will make sure that he never leaves. It must be the reason he just left without leaving a trace. In the same way, some times we do not need to explain everything to everyone. Definitely there are people who help, but who knows???? So it is OK to take actions without explaining every little detail to the ones you love

If you want to have something you’ve never had, you will have to do the things you’ve never done

He had the best of everything right inside that castle. A lovely family, money, servants, good food, music, etc. But that was not what he wanted. He never had to starve, always slept in the most comfortable beds, wore the most expensive cloths and he had good company always… But finally the decision was made to leave them all?? He must have had no idea on living in a forest alone. But he took that risk. He wanted to jump into the river and learn how to swim. Therefore be strong to do the things your heart murmurs, even if you have to leave your comfort zone.

Trust your gut. Third eye never lies.

No one asked him to leave and everybody did their best to keep him inside the kingdom. His father provided him all the facilities. But he wanted something else, something greater than what he already had. Deep inside in his heart, that tiny voice said “This is not what you want. This is not what you want.” So he just did it! Never be afraid to do what your gut says, it will always guide you to the place where you meant to be.

It is OK to have a goal without a plan

I have studied project management in my college and I have seen various kind of plans people make. Budget plan, time frame, risk mitigation, this plan, that plan etc. But this young prince had no specific plan, not even a backpack and a book titled “how to survive in the forest alone”. He just had a big goal.. a burning desire to seek the truth.. end the sorrow that ordinary people suffer from. So it is totally fine even if you don’t have all the plans and details on what you want, just have a burning desire and the universe will always help you to achieve it.

P.S. I have talked to people including some nice strangers and I felt that they have the fear to do things because they are too worried about what others think. That is why out of six lessons, I selected the first one as the topic of this article.

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