2 inches away from my Death

working me

The haunting date:  23rd of June 2011

I was working online with a friend of mine helping him with a poster for an exhibition. Everything was fine except a crying Black cat I saw outside of my window. I have heard that it is a sign of death.. I was scared, but ignored as already I felt like dead after a hard day. I went to bed at 3.30am hoping to wake up again after 2 hours.

I used to travel to my college by train at 6.38am and my dad took me to the station. On that day I was too late and was in a big hurry. As soon as we reached to the station, I jumped out from the bike. My eyes caught the moving train. Dad shouted not to run. I just jumped into the moving train thinking I could get into.. But I fell down!!!!

It took only a few seconds. I got stuck between the train and platform. The moving train was about 2 inches away from me. I was twisting with the moving train. So I see people screaming, then see the train, again see people, again train.. The metal parts of the train was hitting my hip area.. I never thought the train would stop; but suddenly it did..

“OMG.. Thank you mother nature.. I am still alive!!!”

I was taken out and I couldn’t even move. I felt my bones clashing inside my hip. It did hurt a lot. Dad and some staff from the railway station came and prepared me to take to the hospital.

The best part happened after that. When I was taken out of the station and trying to catch a vehicle, I looked at the beautiful blue sky. Oh it was smiling with me; I felt so relaxed. The first thing that I remembered was that I’ve been living on vegetables since 2003. I didn’t even remember that I had money in my bank account or I would graduate with an Engineering degree after a few years.

“I don’t even take someone’s life on my plate for my survival. I do serve the needy at least with a smile. So everything is going to be alright . This just happened and I have the strength to face it!” My inner voice  aspired me to breathe.

Doctors diagnosed that it was a pelvic fracture. No internal/ external bleeding, no drugs, no surgery, no special treatments. But I had to rest on the bed for 3 months even without moving a bit, till my body naturally heals the broken bones. Wooow.. I did it! I did it! I did complete my assignments (https://hydrogirlonline.wordpress.com/assignments/1st-year/), watched Chuck (a TV series), read books and most importantly had plenty of time to think of life.

I thought to share this with you to give one big message I learnt from this accident.

Life is an unplanned journey. It is all about facing

It took only a few seconds to take 3 months from my life and some bones from my body. But it could never take my soul and it got stronger. After that I began to think of life in a different angle.. An angle I never even thought exists. It showed me the importance of every moment. We might work hard to earn, to impress someone or just work even without knowing why.

How many hours do you spend doing what you love to do? Have you ever tried to plant a seed and see it growing? Have you ever seen how a rain drop turn into a sprinkler as soon as it touches the earth? Have you ever seen a spider making a cobweb? Have you ever seen the ants touch each others faces?

Dear friend, don’t misunderstand thinking “After saying her story, is this girl asking me to get a spider, put it into a box and wait until it starts making a cobweb”. No no no!!! You may have to work, you have to study… But I’m asking you to explore the beauty of nature that you can’t see on your laptop screen. Be a human being. You can send a ‘lol’ or a ‘ 🙂 ‘. But the real smile cannot even be compared to those chat smilies. Go out and show some kindness to people. It can be a few words, or just a ‘Good morning!’ with a nice smile on your face. When bad things happen, don’t stick to them and waste your time; just let it go before it’s too late.. We all do deserve that great peaceful life.

Did you ever think that one day you stop living, stop loving, stop laughing and you don’t even know what that day is…
The thing is… are you ready for that day???


So.. What do you think?

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