12 things: Why I love America

America… ” The land of the free and the home of the brave

First I need to say that I was born and raised in Sri Lanka… and I have never been to US. But I do read on US, watch TV programs on US, I work with US people and I got a couple of lovely friends from US.

So these are the things I absorbed from all those sources and now my heart pulses faster when I hear the name ‘America’


It has 50 states and each of them got something unique and beautiful. Hawaii, Florida are blessed with beautiful beaches, great Canyon is flowing flawlessly in Colorado, Alaska… the amazing forests, The bluegrass state Kentucky and much more. It has different shades on different seasons. Absolutely amazing like a snowflake. You can even spend your whole life exploring the beauty of this nature.


I got to know about the culture of weddings mainly from movies and my freelance jobs.  They first date, then the guy uses his inborn creativity to propose to the girl (This is my favorite), Bachelorette/ Bachelor party to celebrate the last night as a free bird 😛 , Bridal shower shhhh it’s a girls’ thing, Rehearsal dinner to thank everyone who helped for the wedding… finally the amazing wedding. They normally don’t invite for hundreds of people. But still it’s perfect. Bride normally wears white frock which is my favorite. I can talk about their weddings for almost a whole day..

Parties & Celebrations

I got to know about this also because of my work. I love their celebrations 🙂 Sweet 16, Baby shower, Thanks giving, Graduations… OMG a huge line of celebrations. Especially I love the way they surprise. When there’s a birthday/ something special happened they don’t try to annoy that person asking for a treat. Instead they surprise that person in the most beloved way doubling his/ her happiness. I love it.. I looooooooove it. Isn’t that lovely?


Well.. the moment I knew that their flag day is on my birthday.. oh.. I have no words to express my happiness. The flag is absolutely a cool design. It is super simple and very meaningful. 50 stars to represent the 50 states and the 13 lines represent the first 13 British colonies. I love the colors too… Yeah… Stars and Stripes forever… 🙂

Multicultural Society

US is a land made with immigrants. So no need of explanations why it has a huge variety of cultures. Personally I love to live in a multicultural society. May be that’s why this matters a lot. Jewish, Asians, Mexicans, Europeans and people from almost every part of this planet are there. Isn’t it beautiful? (And I have heard that aliens are there in Area 51. If so they got creatures from other planets too.)

Lovely People

I talk to different people from US thanks to my job. They talk directly; if something is good they never hesitate to appreciate. They are one of the main reasons I love about America. The people with hearts and heads. All my friends and colleagues from US are really nice. They know how to do the things on right time. Their understanding on everything.. man.. I love it.. I recently watched a Youtube video about US kids’ opinion on Gay marriages (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8TJxnYgP6D8). Their wise ideas… woooow


Yameeee I have tired some American recipes at home and they are really tasty.. They got various and exceptional salads and I love them. I watch a program called ‘Eat St’ in Fox Traveler channel and oh god I can watch each episode again and again. There are a lot of food trucks and each one got unique cuisines. Definitely eating from a food truck is the first thing I want to do if I ever land on this sacred land.


English is the widely using language in the world. But there are a few differences according to countries. I find American accent easier to understand and talk. It is very clear and feels sooooo good on ears. Not that I hate British.. But I prefer American to British 🙂

Statues and Sculptures

“A gorgeous lady standing freely, holding a fire torch on one hand and books on the other hand…” I know what came to your mind. Yes you are right my friend. I was talking about the Lady Liberty. Not only that, but also the Gateway Arch, Rushmore mountain, Brazen bull, Golden Gate Bridge are some of the human made wonders that can be found in US. They simply show the creativity and patience of a great nation.


Hollywoooooooooooooooooooooooood. Yes my friend movies and US have such a strong inseparable relationship for decades. Thousands of great movies were born in US. I like to watch thriller, horror, romantic, comedy movies and almost all of my favorites came from US. Walking Dead is the latest TV series I fell in love with. They spend so much money on those movies and the outcome is more valuable than that.


I think it’s the best country to talk about freedom. It is as unblemished as Lady Liberty. When they reach 21 they are allowed to live in a separate apartment with GF/ BF. That explains everything about freedom. They can have a gun for personal use, they can kiss in public, they can wear anything they want. They are free like a normal human being. Woooow.. I’m a strong believer of freedom and I like this freedom a looooooot.

Native Americans

Last, but not least… I know there are doleful stories on Native Americans. I do not agree with the fact that killing and stealing from Native Americans. But things happened, past is past.. Whatever happened, the land is still sacred as chief Seattle explained. Still there are native Americans who live in US and their culture and ideas add an extra value to US.

There can be a lot that I missed as I’m still an outsider. I know some people hate US, they say all the evil come from there, they make weapons, they start wars, they hide the aliens bla bla bla… But the thing is everything has both bad and good sides. So why not seeing the good side. We all deserve happiness and should never get stuck in bad side.

This is the beautiful America I see with my eyes.. Do you see something more? Please feel free to share 🙂 🙂 🙂

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    • 🙂 oh.. Didn’t notice that :O Actually I started it earlier and ended up on Apr 1st. So yep.. it’s just a coincidence! The article contains my true feelings and anticipations only 🙂

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