Me & my love

I wrote this a long time ago, and thought it would be an interesting thing to share 🙂

‘The one’ should have 4 ‘H’s. “Head, Heart, Hands, Health” and yes.. another H would be lovely.. which is ‘Handsomeness’ :D. Also he will be the heaven and hell, good and bad, lovely and dangerous at the same time. So basically.. he should be able to adapt well according to the person and situation. He should know how to behave when parents are around and how to go crazy with friends. He will be caring, romantic and find ways to make people happy. He will know not only me, but also all the women deserve respect. Simply he will be decent enough to hold the door open for a lady. He will be innocent, kind and helpful to everyone. But not afraid to do mischievous things (that doesn’t harm anyone) such as hacking a friend’s FB account and post a funny status. 😀 He will be strong enough to be patient. I lose temper very rarely. I expect him to be the same. Just let it go when bad things happen instead of barking because we don’t have time to worry about things that make us feel bad. He will feel ashamed to piss in public, but never think twice if he wants to kiss me in public, yes he will just do it in style. “No time, no money, I don’t know, how can I do, oh I forgot our special day, I was busy”… NOOO!!! Never.. He will never have excuses for me; he will always find a way. But if he gets a situation to choose “You got 5 minutes! you can either shoot your girlfriend or activate this nuclear bomb that kills thousands of people” .. He will shoot me at once and protect the world.

I am a simple girl. I don’t want to take the life so serious. As I said before when bad things happen I just let it go. No one is going to live for 100 years (Well some might live 😀 ). So can’t waste time to cry and feel bad. I love giving and forgiving because they gives me happy and peace inside. So I hope he also will do the same. I will never blame him if he surprises a girl at his work place, with a nice bunch of flowers on her birthday. Because it is just a little love for a female friend and still I am the only one in his heart. I love to cook for him. Help him with everything and I have a good memory on special dates. So what I do for birthdays, anniversaries, first-time-we_ _ _ _ _ days.. well.. I won’t mention here and keep the surprises as surprises. Catch every little thing to find what he loves is what I do. So he can give me clues anytime; meee ready to catch. I will talk a lot and listen a lot at the same time. So he can share anything with me. I know boys are human beings with feelings so he can cry on my shoulder till he feels better.

I love beaches, trees, animals and everything in nature. My dream is to live in Hawaii. Don’t know why but I wanted it so badly since I was a kid. I wish I could live in a tree house/ a small house near beach/ in a forest. 🙂 Special love for kids ^_^ . I believe that we can never be alone in this universe as everything is connected. Yes of course.. our thoughts can affect on the growth of a trees. So always spread the words/ thoughts of kindness and happiness because definitely it makes the world a really good place.

I don’t think that every girl MUST have a man. But love.. no one can explain/ predict when it is going to hit you. So if ‘the one’ is found, I should definitely go for him. If not I want to adapt kids as much as possible (good if they are from different parts of the world) and care about them a lot 🙂 “Who can say where the road goes…” Let’s face..

Just want to feel the life to the fullest living in the moment. Dance like crazy.. no problem! Know how to apply the ‘love’ for different people and different things up to certain limit… Sing loud and never afraid to do what your gut says. Follow the instinct like me…

So.. What do you think?

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