The truth behind “Walking Dead”

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***No one is around. The whole city is abandoned. Blood everywhere… Suddenly the Sheriff sees a girl.. dragging slowly with a teddy bear. So he asks her to wait and she turns. OMG.. it’s not a little girl!! It’s a monster!!! ***

That’s the very first unforgettable moment in “The Walking Dead” TV series. It may seem like a nonsense  because it looks like just another zombie story. At the beginning I also thought so and watched only because I’m interested in thriller. But the truth is, it is more than a “Zombie Apocalypse”.

All the living being on this beautiful planet Earth got 3 main targets in life. Eat, survive and reproduce. But unfortunately when it comes to human beings it’s tangled. From womb to tomb every human being got more than the basic 3 targets. They go to school, sit for exams, earn $$$$, marry, build a house, buy a vehicle, pay bills and endless abundant of things to do. I’m not being a pessimistic weirdo.. But the truth is we almost have forgotten the main targets in life.

So why am I telling these things under the topic of “Walking Dead”?? Well, let’s come back to the topic. After zombies’ attack it’s true that people died; lost things. But the most courageous people are still alive. They choose a jam tin over a bag of $. All they need is to “eat, survive and reproduce”. That means people live like natural living beings. They do have fear. But they got plenty of time for a real chat as phones are no longer available. They go place to place, explore things and live in the present without worrying about unpredictable future. So that’s the part I love the most and that’s what encourage me to watch it without missing a single episode.

It is true that we cannot be completely alone and enjoy the life like Rick, Daryl, Glenn or Michonne. But still we can stop worrying about every single tiny thing that happens. No one is going to live for 100 years. When you see a zombie avoid/ shoot at the brain (not with a gun; but with kindness), don’t do anything stupid that attract zombies, you can always make a prison your home if you have a good heart+strong mind, face to the life with a bow and arrows rather than hiding with a gun.

So basically.. try to look at things with your eyes, learn from experiences and live in the moment enjoying life to the fullest.


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