Me & my love

I wrote this a long time ago, and thought it would be an interesting thing to share 🙂 ‘The one’ should have 4 ‘H’s. “Head, Heart, Hands, Health” and yes.. another H would be lovely.. which is ‘Handsomeness’ :D. Also he will be the heaven and hell, good and bad, lovely and dangerous at the same time. So basically..…


Just try to imitate IT…….

          it doesn’t have a color.. No taste People can’t live without it But, They don’t care. Whatever they do, it keeps helping. Sometimes it‘s dangerous too. But… it has the power of healing it is………… WATER Just try to imitate it…….


ARK: one Act of Random Kindness at a time

It’s about another moment of my life. It happened in 2005 when I was a prefect of my school. Just like a typical mischievous teenage school girl I wanted to cut a class (Although I was a prefect 😉 ). So I was walking to the play ground with a friend of mine. At once a…

The truth behind “Walking Dead”

IMDB link for more details: ***No one is around. The whole city is abandoned. Blood everywhere… Suddenly the Sheriff sees a girl.. dragging slowly with a teddy bear. So he asks her to wait and she turns. OMG.. it’s not a little girl!! It’s a monster!!! *** That’s the very first unforgettable moment in “The…